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  1. Florida "The Works Deluxe" Package

    Sku: RER-FL002
    63 Hours

    Regular Price: $157.00

    Make sure that you are set up for success for both the state exam and your future career in real estate. The book serves as an excellent quick and reliable reference throughout a real estate career--especially at the beginning!

    Included in "The Works Deluxe" Package:

    1. Florida Sales Prelicense Course.
    2. Florida Exam Prep: The only mastery-and-fluency-based exam prep system in the market. Packed with 6 testing lessons and an additional 6 exams, our exam prep covers hundreds of questions on both Florida and national real estate content.
    3. MathMaster: There's no need to be afraid of tackling math problems. The purpose of this is to give you the tools and expertise to "master" real estate math. Students will love the hands-on practice problems and detailed, clear descriptions of the purpose, use and formulas.
    4. Florida Real Estate: Principles, Practices and License Laws (Book). Please note that our courses are designed to comply with the state requirements without the need of a textbook. This book is added value to the package and an additional resource.
  2. Florida 'The Works" Package

    Sku: RER-FL001
    63 Hours

    Regular Price: $131.00

    This 63-hour package contains everything from "The Basic" package PLUS our Florida Real Estate Exam Prep, which is the only mastery-and-fluency-based exam prep system in the market. Packed with 6 testing lessons and an additional 6 exams, our exam prep covers hundreds of questions on Florida Real estate principles, practice and law.

    Florida "The Works" Package includes:

    1. Florida Mandatory Prelicensing Course.
    2. Florida Exam Prep.
    3. MathMaster - Clear and concise review of real estate math.
  3. Real Estate Principles & Practices

    Sku: 9781629800066
    N/A Hours

    Organized around the natural flow and sequence of events in a real estate transaction, this text employs a realistic and practical approach to learning the basics of real estate. Students will appreciate Arlyne Geschwender’s friendly tone and accessible reading style. Recent changes in modern real estate law and practice have been incorporated in this revised edition, along with new forms and contracts. Features: • Provides a unique approach for the introductory student since the book follows the natural sequence of a real estate transaction • Features an open-faced layout and wide margins that encourage note-taking • Contains clear and concise definitions of concepts and terms • Includes numerous examples to aid the novice student • Highlights websites to encourage further research • Engages classroom discussions and promotes real-world application with end-of-chapter review questions and discussion points A separate workbook is available to complement this text, delivering additional reinforcement exercises and practice exam questions for self-paced learning.
  4. Florida Real Estate: Principles, Practices, and License Laws, 4th Edition

    Sku: 9781629809564
    N/A Hours

    This fresh, comprehensive Florida real estate book provides up-to-date content with real-world examples. Written with the student in mind, it provides the necessary essentials required for one to practice real estate in Florida. This edition has been written and organized to help the real estate license applicant to better prepare for the state exam by following the topics of the state outline. Key terms, summaries and extensive review questions for each chapter allow users to check their understanding. A 100-question practice exam at the end of the book tests student knowledge of key concepts. Highlights of the 4th edition include: • Fully updated with new information on the real estate business and market analysis, including financing, consulting, and housing topics • Updated information on real estate investments and business opportunity brokerage to help analyze risk and distinguish among ways to appraise businesses and opportunities • New discussion on tax cuts, the Jobs Act, and the Tax Reform Act and how those impact the industry • Helpful ‘‘Math Buster’’ appendix provides keen insights to learning and using fundamental math formulas used on the real estate exam. • Useful ‘‘Coaching Tips’’ highlight practical application of the key principles using real-life scenarios to fully prepare users for their new real estate careers.